ya soy Ubuntu Member !!

junto a otro argentino, Guillermo Lisi (unimix) hoy fuimos aceptados y promovidos a Ubuntu Members desde el canal #ubuntu-meeting en freenode.

a continuacion, parte del log de la charla y la votacion:

<beuno> mhoyos, go
<mhoyos> thank.. hi for all
<mhoyos> my wiki : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/mhoyos
<mhoyos> I started using Linux since 2000, when the distributions were sold on magazines. My first knowledge of GNU/Linux was self-taught and in the year 2003 I did my first GNU/Linux training course.
<mhoyos> I was a founder member of the proyect UTUTO since 2004 and had participate in SOLAR, free software argentina.
<mhoyos> During the last years I have been participating in diferent events of Software Libre Argentina, and I also have given Technical and philosofic talks in several Argentinian provinces.
<mhoyos> By the end of 2007 I started participaiting more intensively in Ubuntu argentinian comunnity, and today I am one of the moderators of the list and an active participant of the Argentinian Ubuntu Community.
<mhoyos> I created a distribution based on Ubuntu, for cybercafes. ciberlinux called.
<mhoyos> and admin for site tecnicos linux : http://tecnicoslinux.com.ar
<mhoyos> for the future, my intention is to continue collaborating with the Ubuntu community and promote free software
<mhoyos> I do not speak much English, but I will do my best.
<marianom> mhoyos is working really hard in the Argentina community: he got a lot of respect in our mailing list where he is the driven force. It’s a list with high traffic and he has been working really hard since the day he took responsibilities in it.
<sajnox> Hi, I’m Miguel Sajnovsky and I’m Ubuntu member since november 08. I want to support mhoyos for Ubuntu member. He has been doing an excellent job as a moderator in the mailing list for the last year. His work is really impressive, he is *always* there, not just giving solutions to people but also educating, he is one that people who really know about computer and love to share his knowledge with the community . His commitment to the
<unimix> I totally support Marco for the great job he has been doing as mod for the support list
<unimix> and his great commitement with the Ubuntu community, especially our Argentina LoCo team
<sajnox>  ubuntu community and the CoC is impressive.
<mhoyos> thanks mac_v sajnox unimix
<beuno> I’m incredibly happy mhoyos finally decided to apply, he’s one of the things keeping our LoCo alive
<beuno> I can’t scale fonts, bug imagine a +1 100 times bigger  🙂
<beuno> s/bug/but
<pleia2> great work!
<mhoyos> thanks beuno
<pleia2> +1
<pedro_> +1 from me too, keep up the good work mhoyos
<Technoviking> +1 good work
<greg-g> +1
<beuno> mhoyos, bienvenido  🙂
<pedro_> Felicitaciones mhoyos!
<h00k> Congrats, mhoyos
<unimix> congratulations mhoyos !! Well done !! You deserve it !!
<marianom> congrats mhoyos!!! you deserve it!!!
<mhoyos> thanks for all / gracias a tod@s

asi que, argentina suma hoy dos nuevos Ubuntu Members Oficiales

links: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntumembers //   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/mhoyos

6 Responses to ya soy Ubuntu Member !!

  1. Sergi dice:

    Muchas Felicidades

  2. juancarlospaco dice:

    felicitaciones maestro…

  3. Fabricio dice:

    Felicidades capo!!!

  4. rodrigo dice:

    Felicitaciones, muy buena tu distro para ciber cafes!

  5. gilgamezh dice:

    felicitaciones!!!! un abrazo

  6. Alejandro dice:

    Felicitaciones!! Excelente la distro oara cybers!! gracias!

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